The AS/400 Custom Menu System(CMS) Application.
The AS/400 Custom Menu System was developed about 20 years ago. It was originally designed to interface with BPCS on what was then an AS400 {grin} and use BPCS security. This was so that BPCS & Custom menus could be modified on the fly without any users having to log off the system. Over the years the BPCS links have been phased out and the menu system has become a stand alone system with it's own security. Although it still has a similar look & feel to those old BPCS menus, today's menu system is very different. I have added customizable function keys, the ability to use the mouse, multi-level security, multiple operating environments, the ability to interface to your own applications, and many more features that no other menu system has.
I did try for a few years to market the menu system, but I simply did not have the time or resources to keep it going. That is when I decided to make it user supported. This allows me to keep the menu system alive with a minimum amount of resources. By purchasing a copy of the source code, you can help to make it continue evolving yourself.
The AS400 has since been called an AS/400 and now a System i5. Who knows what is next, I think I will always call it an AS400 though. In any case I truly believe that you won't find a better menu system anywhere else in the world at any price and for the price (FREE) of this system, you can't go wrong. If there are any features that you just can't live without, just purchase a copy of the source and make them yourself. Or you can purchase the source to use it as a base to build your own applications on.
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Custom Menu System (CMS) - Software Application V4.0 is now available!
You can download this version now for FREE. I have decided to make the Custom Menu System (CMS) available to everyone for FREE!
This means that is now user supported. I will continue to to support it VIA the web (as best I can). You can also now purchase the source code for just $99.99.
If you wish to download a copy of the documentation, you may do so here.
The custom menu system is designed to allow anyone to add/modify AS/400 menus. This software includes user level security for both menus and options. Multiple environments can be used for menus, options, and applications. The menu system software has built in field level help. Because all the menu data is stored in native AS/400 (AS400) database (DB2) files, any command or program can be added to a menu without any programming knowledge needed. This is a full featured menu system with many of the bells and whistles of other expensive software systems.
You can own the premier menuing system software application for the AS/400 (AS400). You can pay a lot of money for systems that don't do as much as Custom Menu System (CMS) for FREE!. So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and productivity to gain.
Some features include:
  1. Data-Base driven menu options.
  2. Multiple levels of security:
    1. Options
    2. Menus
    3. Groups
    4. Users
    5. Applications
  3. Online help for all included programs.
  4. Mouse support on all menus.
  5. Menu option logging.
  6. Fully customizable function keys.
  7. Support for multiple library lists.
  8. Customizable colors.
  9. Time/Date option control.
  10. Global shortcut options.
  11. 80 & 132 Column support.
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Menu Program Editor
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Menu System Environment Editor
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